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The list of all courses offered by the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw:



    For each semester incoming students may have a maximum of 34 ECTS – however, there is a possibility to apply for more to the Vice Rector (Vice President of the University) of the University of Warsaw. All interested should contact us via erasmus@wpia.uw.edu.pl for a form (you fill it out and send it to the IRO of the University). Only on the basis of this approval incoming students can attend courses over 34 ECTS. If you have 31-34 points it will be OK.
  2. The minimum requirements
    Incoming students are obliged to achieve at least somewhat around 75% of their ECTS from courses offered by the Faculty of Law and Administration. Agreements which are containing less won’t be accepted/signed.
  3. Registration for courses
    More details about the registration are available under this link.
  4. Polish-speaking Incoming students
    Students who are fluent in Polish and want to take part in courses held in Polish instead of English, please contact us via erasmus@wpia.uw.edu.pl. We will check what we can offer you on the basis of your interests.