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Code Subject Lecturer semester ECTS
2200-1CWHP71-ERA Church and State in Europe Summer 4
2200-FOR45 Civil Law I part 2 Summer 5.5
2200-FOR47 Civil Law II part 2 Summer 5.5
2200-1CWPC100-ERA Commercial Law and Basic Institution of Company Law – II Summer 6
2200-1CWPC121-ERA Comparative Company Law Summer 5
2200-1CWPM51-ERA Competition law of the European Union (lecture) Summer 4
2200-FOR64 Constitutional Law Summer 5.5
2200-1CWPP63-ERA Core concepts and Basic Problems in Socio-legal Studies Summer 4
2200-FOR12 Criminalistics and Forensic Studies Summer 8
2200-9HA-17-ERA Economy and foreign policy of Eastern European countries Summer 4
2200-FOR66 European Food Law Summer 5
2200-1CWPC96-ERA European medical law and bioethics Summer 5
2200-FOR9 European Substantive Law Summer 5.5
2200-1CWPC91-ERA Family and Succession Law Summer 4
2200-FOR39 Introduction to Polish Private International Law Summer 4
2200-1CWPK108-ERA Introduction to Trial Advocacy in Criminal Cases Summer 4
2200-1CWPP66-ERA Legal Informatics Summer 4
200-1CWHP77-ERA Mixed jurisdictions worldwide Summer 4
2200-1CWPP67-ERA Polish Administrative Law Summer 5
2200-FOR19 Polish and International Tax Law Summer 5
2200-FOR23 Polish Labour and Social Security Law in Comparative Perspective Summer 5
2200-1CWPM55-ERA Principles of environmental policy and law Summer 4
2200-1CWPA99-ERA Public management Summer 4
2200-FOR15 The Political System of the Russian Federation Summer 5
2200-FOR11 The Principles of Roman Law II: Successions, Obligations Summer 5.5
2200-1CWHP31-ERA The Woman in the Roman Society: Ideal-Law-Practice Summer 4
2200-1CWPA89-ERA Towards European Constitutionalism Summer 5
2200-1CWPP43-ERA An Introduction to Japanese Law: The Principle Features of Japanese Law Winter 4
2200-FOR26 Applied criminology Winter 8
2200-FOR44 Civil Law I part 1 Winter 5.5
2200-FOR46 Civil Law II part 1 Winter 5.5
2200-FOR8 Commercial Law and Basic Institution of Company Law – I Winter 6
2200-FOR35 Comparative Contract Law Winter 5
2200-1CWPK77-ERA Comparative criminal justice Winter 4
2200-9HA-15-ERA Conflicts and crises in Eastern Europe Winter 5
2200-FOR64 Constitutional Law Winter 5.5
2200-1CV32-ERA Economic Approach to Crime Winter 4
2200-9HA-18-ERA EU Eastern Policy Winter 5
2200-1CWPM38-ERA European administrative law Winter 4
2200-FOR22 European Institutional Law Winter 5.5
2200-1CWHP64-ERA European legal tradition Winter 4
2200-1CV13-ERA Freedom of Religion in the US Supreme Court Jurisprudence Winter 4
2200-1CWPM03-ERA International Humanitarian Law of Armed Conflicts (IHL) Winter 4
2200-FOR62 International Public Law Winter 2
2200-1CWPC94-ERA Introduction to Polish Civil Procedure Winter 4
2200-1CWPC41-ERA Law and Economics Winter 4
2200-FOR41 Legal Mediation Winter 4
2200-FOR2 Polish Constitutionalism Winter 5
2200-1CWHP65-ERA Polish Law on Religious Denominations Winter 4
2200-9HA-16-ERA Political changes in Central and Eastern Europe since 1989 from the perspective of public international law Winter 4
2200-FOR10 The Principles of Roman Law: Origins, Family Law, Law of Real Property I Winter 5.5
2200-FOR63 Theory and philosophy of Law – classes Winter 2
2200-FOR61 Theory and philosophy of Law – lecture Winter 8
2200-1CWPC95-ERA Vienna Convention on the Sale of Goods Winter 4